Slips, trips and falls on public pathways, pavements and other public area’s are very common place. Injuries sustained from such accidents are often minor but some can be serious and have long lasting effects.

Whether your accident happened on the local high street, supermarket, pub/restaurant or shopping centre you may be able to make a claim for your injuries. You may have tripped over a raised paving slab, slipped on a wet floor where there was no “wet floor sign” or even fallen over items left in the aisle of your local supermarket, all of these accidents have happened due to no fault of your own and are definitely worth a chat with us to check the merits of your claim.

The accidents usually occur through a lack of due care and attention either by shop owners or the local authority failing to carry out satisfactory inspections of the areas. To enable us to assess your claim quickly and accurately it would be a great help if you can obtain pictures of the defect in question as close to the accident date as possible.

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