Mr C, long-standing clients of the company, instructed as to pursue a claim for clinical negligence following misdiagnosis and treatment of a bowel condition. Although the claim was defended in its entirety by the insurers of the medical professional concerned, the claim settled following the issue of legal proceedings in the sum of £75,000.

Mr D was a pedal cyclist who was mowed down by a car which fled the scene. Mr D sustained a badly fractured clavicle. The vehicle was identified from CCTV footage and the claim was successfully intimated against the driver’s insurers who admitted liability. Damages were agreed in the sum of £5500.

Mr W was inured at work when he was struck by a mechanical digger. He sustained a fractured tib and fib which required major reconstructive surgery. Liability was denied throughout. The claim settled for £38,000 following the issue of proceedings.

Mr C instructed the company following dissatisfaction with his previous firm. Mr C sustained life changing injuries primarily to his wrist, neck and cheek in a road traffic accident. The injuries precluded Mr C from enjoying his lifelong pastimes of snooker and crown green bowls, which he played to a high level. After the issue legal proceedings which were vigorously defended by the insurers of the responsible party, the claim settled at mediation in the sum of £117,500.

Mr J suffered catastrophic personal injuries and loss of earnings following a road traffic accident in which the third party was a vehicle which had shed its load of ladders. We took the file over from Mr J’s previous firm of solicitors with whom Mr J was dissatisfied with. After detailed preparation of the claim legal proceedings were commenced against the insurers of the other vehicle involved and the claim settled for £125,000 at mediation.

Miss H was a lawful visitor to a nightclub when she slipped on drink which had been spilt on the dancefloor. Miss H unfortunately sustained permanent injuries to her ankle which was badly fractured. The claim was denied from the outset and Miss H was subjected to undercover video surveillance tactics by the defendant. The claim settled in the sum of £57,000 following the issue legal proceedings.


Liability, to put it simply, means someone is responsible legally for the circumstances surrounding an accident or incident. For example, if someone admits that the issue in question was their fault, they are in turn admitting liability. Alternatively, if they were to challenge such an outcome, they would be denying liability.

It is often mandatory to go to a medical. For the purposes of the case in hand, a medical professional needs to effectively measure your current physical state and overall health. This will also give you a chance to go over any previous injuries. Any evidence obtained from your medical may be vital in proving your claim and its ultimate success.

The time your claim takes can differ depending on the exact nature of said claim. One of our most common cases, falls and trips as a result of negligence in the work place, often progress quickly to a desirable end goal in the case that the business in question admits liability. However, if the business does not admit liability, this can obviously set us up for a longer case, due to the necessary court date that would follow. Regardless of these unavoidable variables, we always strive to help process your case as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If your case does go to court, your attendance is mandatory. Whilst we do strive to make sure that your case is concluded swiftly and to your satisfaction, complexities can arise (such as liability issues), which can then make court dates necessary.

Our team of experts can help go through your case with you. This can be done at a time that best suits you, and you will then receive regular support, updates and case progression advice from our team members. We pride ourselves on opening an honest and forthright line of communication with our clients.

You can usually expect to receive any compensation within a few weeks of your case completion, often between 3-6. Our team can advise you on this further.

No – we are completely no win, no fee at TPF Law. If your case is unsuccessful, as unlikely as that is, then you will pay absolutely nothing.

Our team can be informed of your preferred method of contact during the initial meeting. We will then proceed to give you regular updates via phone, email or mail as requested by yourself. We are also on hand at any time, and available during normal office hours. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Regardless of whether you have recovered from injuries suffered due to negligence, you may still be within your rights to make a claim – and it still has every chance of being successful. For this reason, it is necessary for a medical appointment in order for a professional to assess how the previous injury or injuries have affected your overall health or daily life. Long term effects of these injuries can be used as evidence in any case you may take forward.

We will work with you in order to book your medical appointment at a time and place that benefits you and your own personal circumstances. If you then require further appointments, we will continue this dialogue with yourself. We do suggest not changing an appointment date, unless it is completely unavoidable. Some medical professionals may have limited availability, so changing these appointment slots has the potential to delay your claim.


"Thank you TPF Law for dealing with my claim very professionally and also being there for me for any questions I had. Also thank you for fighting my case and the other party admitting that they were at fault as I did get a sum of money from the guilty party. Thank you again Rachel."

Mrs Freda Joy Albrighton

Sarah, Thank you very much for all your hard work and help! You little ledge!


Fantastic! Thank you for the update appreciate it! Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for all your help.

Kelly Whitehouse

Received cheque with thanks may I please commend you on how quickly you have dealt with this claim.

Richard Gilbert

TPF Law solicitors are fantastic a member of the team Lauren has kept in touch with me every step of the way during my claim very caring and has gone above and beyond to help me I would recommend TPF solicitors to anyone and would definitely use them again if I needed to.

Mrs J Baxter